The discussion forum is launched!

Dear visitors,

you can now post comments on mace2010 blog regarding five major questions:

1. How is the increasing significance of food chains reflected in the curricula of higher education in agricultural economics/agribusiness (network managers, vertical integration)?

2. How can differences in quality and contents among participating institutions in Double Degree programs be handled?

3. Has the Bologna process on higher education system reached transition countries of the European Union? Has this facilitated mobility between countries?

4. How can a sufficient practical relevance of curricula be assured?

5. What is your opinion regarding International Education in Agribusiness: organization, access, supervision…?

To do so, please refer to the pages above related to each topic.

We are looking forward to sharing opinions on agricultural curricula!


4 comments so far

  1. Oleg Sokil on

    I’m Oleg Sokil. I teach accounting in one of agricultural Ukrainian university. During for four years we have been providing Bologna process. But we cannon quit the old soviet education system. Our student cannot work personally. But more than half of new university curriculum provides that.
    Now, when Ukrainian education almost changed itself education position to Bologna then Europe declines it. Europe wants to be closely to American education sysytem.
    Whatever, in Ukraine we have a lot problems in education (Bologna) process. We have to save our old system, may be with changes like case studies, new methods of teaching etc.

  2. Arabinda Dutta on

    I,Arabinda Dutta,a Ph.D. researh scholar at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India,am carrying out my research on agricultural biotechnology and rural development. I want to know about the Bologna process on higher education system in detail. Is this system applicable to agricultural education system in India?

  3. Isabelle Nkapnang Djossi on

    My name is Isabelle D. Nkapnang, i am a research assistant ( Agro-economist) in the African research centre on Banana and plantain (CARBAP) in Cameroun. However now, i am in the University of louvain- la -Neuve, where i am carrying out a PhD sandwich program. I was very interested when i heard that a topic on Bologna process will be discussed. As an Camerounian, i heard about bologna process as i came in belgium since september 2009. And i will like to give my opinion regarding intenational Education in Agribusiness, organization, access, supervision…?

    • mace2010 on

      Dear Isabelle,

      Thanks. Please do share your views on international education in agribusiness, organization, access and supervision, we look forward to hear the same, Thanks

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