Bologna Process

To your opinion, has the Bologna process on higher education system reached transition countries of the European Union? Has this facilitated mobility between countries?


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  1. Lilia Valentinova on

    The Bologna process is a major driver of the ongoing organizational change in Ukrainian agricultural universities. Unfortunately, until now, this change has been mainly limited to a dramatic increase in the volume of bureaucratic reporting. Indeed, it is hardly an exaggerated claim that the inflated bureaucratic reporting actually impairs the teaching staff’s possibilities to engage in high-quality teaching. These problems are particularly evident in the teaching of foreign languages. Instead of enhancing student mobility, the Bologna process has only resulted in the increased burden of bureaucratic reporting that can hardly improve the quality of teaching, particularly given that students do not yet enjoy an effective international mobility and thus lack a genuine motivation to learn foreign languages. I believe that the key to the implementation of the Bologna process, particularly in the teaching of foreign languages, is in ensuring the genuine international student mobility while providing more opportunities for teachers to prepare high quality classes.

  2. Dr. Phil. Svitlana Kucherkova on

    Application of Bologna Process in higher educations of Ukraine has shown existence of the big problems. There is an insufficient material base in our universities. It is not present an easy approach to the Internet. There is a little of the methodical and teaching materials. Also, I see the big problem at passage regard to industrial practices, that our students must do during their studies. Farmers do not wish to take students to their farms for the practice. They get no support and no privilege from the state. They (farmers) do not give any information and refuse to give their experience and skills to young specialists. There is no feedback between students and their “future employer” through a chain of industrial and educational practices. I can not say anything about mobility between the countries and especially regard to Ukraine. I can not see it in our country and in our educational system. I suggest to do an exchange of teachers. It is necessary to invite professors from another universities and other countries.

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